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Mr. Quigg, a man with a passion for helping

students realize their potential, reached out to

the Raymond and South Bend High Schools & 

partnered. This recent private-public partnership

gives him opportunities to surprise our students, 

like the High School's first day.  After taking 

several hours with these new High School seniors on the Lisa, and getting oriented to the program, he brought them to the port at Quigg Bros., home base in Aberdeen, and led them into one of his large warehouses.  What the students saw blew them away.


Mr. Quigg showed them what it is to be their very own tug boat training vessel to be based in South Bend, on the Willapa. It is the belief of our school districts to be responsive to the desire of our local community to provide opportunity for students, especially when such opportunity has the potential to open doors for our youths' future career paths, leadership development, and exploring new experiences.  

This helps provide educational opportunities relevant to our students' lives and their future.  We need to do our best to provide education that meets the needs of all students, and be willing to explore ways to meet student interests in non-traditional settings. Mr. Quigg understands this as well as anyone, and we are grateful for his vision and willingness to partner in developing the Sea Scout program in Raymond and South Bend. As we build this program, one of the goals is to provide students the opportunity to earn high school credit through this experience.  

We also desire to work with local industry and build the program to meet employment needs of the area.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to not only train students on the tug, but also on oyster dredges, aquaculture, and other river/bay/ocean related careers? 

If you or anyone you know would be interested in volunteering with our  Sea Scout program, please contact us at willapaharborseascouts@gmail.com or put your email in the field below!

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