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Sea Scouting, part of the Boy Scouts of America, is a program for youth who have completed the 8th grade or between the ages of 14 and 21. Through weekly meetings and experiences aboard the “Lisa”, we learn maritime skills, leadership and values. Youth make new lifelong friends. Ship 728 provides a high activity program. Classroom theory is combined with hands-on training aboard our primary vessel, the historic 46-foot wooden boat, “Lisa”, built 1928 for the Weyerhaeuser Co.

Ship 728 serves the community by training youth in Character, Conduct, Values and Leadership using both marine related programs and community service projects which provide the opportunity for youth to grow and mature as adults. 

Sea Scouts are acknowledged for the things they learn and do. The advancement program rewards the work put into it. From Apprentice to Quartermaster, they earn valuable knowledge like boating safety, marine radios, life saving and CPR.. Our goal is to have all youth graduating from High School continue their training in the Maritime academies, universities, trades or the military. 


Lisa’s Sea Base is located at Port of Willapa, Raymond.

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Slogan   “Do a good turn daily”

Moto  “Be Prepared”

Supplying services for:

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Our Boat Christening



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